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Valley Fleet Support Promotes Evolving Emission Reductions for Fleets

There is rarely one solution that fits all sizes, especially when it comes to fleets. With the increasing call to reduce emissions from state, and soon possibly federal regulators, fleets across every sector need to understand their options, the related costs, and how long implementation will take.

In an effort to assist fleets within California’s Central Valley, the Valley Fleet Support Program has been promoting the reduction of commercial fleet emissions and the deployment of clean transportation through articles and educational webinars, information on funding opportunities, and even a truck demonstration program. But for some fleets there is still confusion on the best option to reduce emissions and costs with clean transportation technologies.

Valley Fleet Support and representatives from Daimler Trucks North America, Propane Education & Research Council, and Trillium are inviting fleets to join a discussion on the current choice of alternative fuels and vehicles on October 27. Attendees will learn about current infrastructure deployments and fueling networks in the Central Valley, plans for future infrastructure in the region, how to strategically adopt these different fueling options, and the available vehicle options and how they fit into different fleet operations.

Those interested in taking the next steps towards a near-zero or zero-emission fleet can take advantage of the Valley Fleet Support team’s no-cost assistance for any commercial vehicle operators interested, considering, or already implementing clean transportation projects in the region. This includes navigating the grant and incentive landscape, grant applications, compliance and regulations assistance; organizing fleets to access the Three-Way Truck Trade-Up; and accessing new and emerging near-zero-emission and zero-emission technologies through various partners. The program is administered by Gladstein, Neandross, and Associates, a California-based, national clean transportation and energy consulting firm with more than 25 years of experience supporting vehicle manufacturers, fuel suppliers, and fleet operators of all sizes to implement clean transportation projects.

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