October 5 Webinar

How to Apply for Funding: San Joaquin Valley’s Voucher Incentive Program to Provide Funds for Fleets Statewide in California

Watch this complimentary webinar recording to learn how California fleets with 10 or fewer vehicles can apply for funding to replace their model year 2007-2009 Class 4-8 trucks with a new or used model year 2013 or newer diesel, CNG, or other alternative fuel truck replacement. 

Webinar topics covered include:

  • Program eligibility and participant requirements
  • Which vehicles are eligible for replacement and the amount of funding that is available
  • Dealerships that are working with the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control Districts (SJVAPCD) to submit vouchers on behalf of California fleets
  • Live Q&A session to respond to questions submitted by webinar attendees

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