Valley Fleet Support is funded by the California Energy Commission to reduce emissions and promote the deployment of clean transportation in California’s Central Valley. Through this program, the Valley Fleet Support team can provide no-cost, concierge style service to any commercial vehicle operators interested, considering, or already implementing clean transportation projects.

The Valley Fleet Support program is administered by Gladstein, Neandross, and Associates (GNA), a California-based, national clean transportation consulting firm with more than 25 years of experience supporting vehicle manufacturers, fuel suppliers, and fleet operators of all sizes implement clean transportation projects.

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Project Partners

The San Joaquin County Office of Education is developing educational resources on air quality in the Central Valley. These resources are hosted online and distributed to educators at professional development events.
Great Valley Museum provides a travelling teacher program for elementary schools across the Central Valley. Students are educated about air quality challenges through a unique Central Valley tailored curriculum.
The Central California Asthma Collaborative is providing outreach to community-based organizations on behalf of Valley Fleet Support. These partnerships make it possible for VFS to identify where our efforts can make the biggest impact in improving air quality and health.